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    AT-7632 Are You Glad To Be In The Service : Psalms 122:1  
KV-9478 God Got This: 2nd Kings 6:15-18
RD-5628 God Will Answer Prayer: 1st Kings 18:22-24, 36-40
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FS-0681 It's Just A Matter Of Time: Acts 1:8-11             
VT-2195 More Than Enough: Numbers 11:5-6; 31-35
TR-8118 Now That Doesn’t Make Any Sense: John 3:1-4        
OP-8734 Ready or Not Here I Come: John 20:25-27 
UV-7193 Setting The Record Straight : Luke 4:28-30  
QK-4628 Show Me The Money: Malachi 3:8-10  
XR-5007 So Much To Be Thankful For: Psalms 100:1-5 
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