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Sunday Morning Volume 1

1. I Got the Pastor’s Back
2. God’s Facebook Page
3. Let Jesus Have It
4. The Price Is Right
5. What Was In the Cup?
6. Are We There Yet?
7. Is the Lord among Us or Not?                    
8. What Happened To The Noise? 
9. A Mother’s Tears
10. Walk With Me Lord
11. The Atoning Blood of Jesus
12. She’s Cheating On Me
13. Can These Bones Live?
14. The Pastor’s Love Day
15. He Did It for Us
16. Stop Playing Church
17. More Than Enough
18. Get Right Church and Let’s Go Home
19. Can I Have This Dance?
20. They Gathered At the Cross
21. Discovering Our Assigned Roles
22. Being Sure In a Strange World
22. You Are Not the Father
23. Top Priority of Authentic Worship
25. God’s Super Bowl Game

Book: $14.95
Actual Book Mailed
Instant Download E-Book:                  $9.99
Sunday Morning Volume 2

1. God’s Alarm Clock
2. A Number Heaven Couldn’t Count
3. Stay on the Wall
4. My Mission Is Accomplished
5. The Sweetest Name I Know
6. It’s not all about us; it’s about Him
7. He Saw the Best in Me
8. Get Your Mind Right
9. No Weapons Shall Prosper
10. I’m Black and I’m Proud
11. Get Your Shine On
12. There’s No Place Like Home
13. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
14. Forgive Your Judas’
15. It’s Time to Cross Over
16. The Power of a Prayer Meeting
17. Let Go and Let God
18. Get Up It’s Over
19. Check Yourself; Before You Wreck Yourself
20. The Resurrected Redeemer
21. I May be Down; but I’m Not Out
22. The Man Who Carried Jesus’ Cross
23. I Need You to Survive
24. A Great Tsunami is on the Way
25. Encourage Yourself

           The Purpose of this Busy Pastor’s Sermon Guide:

Greetings to my fellow laborers of the Gospel. As a Senior Pastor, I found it difficult at times to have well prepared messages each week. As you know, a Pastor's time is stretched. At times, new ideas and thoughts are hard to develop as our minds are often full of the cares of the church. Sunday Morning Volumes 1 and 2 is a Busy Pastor’s Sermon Guide for pastors looking for sermon ideas or outlines. Sermons are easier to prepare if you have the RIGHT RESOURCES and the RIGHT INFORMATION.

It is my hope that Sunday Morning Volumes 1 and 2, Busy Pastor’s Sermon Guide will provide inspiration, provoke new thoughts for sermons, and remind us all of what is eternally important. It is my desire that even the experienced expositor, as he works his way through this guide, will be refreshed and reminded of helpful principles and truths.

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