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Pkg #1

1. A New Thing 
2. A Pastor Equipped By God To Lead
3. A Soldier Gone AWOL
4. A Sunday Morning Conspiracy
5. A Trip To Job's House For Thanksgiving
6. Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!
7. Ain't Nobody Like Mama
8. Ain't Nobody Mad But The Devil
9. Can We All Just Get Along?
10. Get Ready For The Flight
11. God's Amazing Grace Part 1
12. God's Amazing Grace Part 2
13. Hanging On To Broken Pieces
14. How To Make It Through The Valley
15. How To Spot The Devil In Church
16. If It Wasn't For Mother
17. It's Time To Let It Go
18. Jesus Paid It All
19. Let's Make A Deal
20. The Institution Of The Lord's Supper
21. Respecting God's Sanctuary Part 1
22. Respecting God's Sanctuary Part 2
23. Respecting God's Sanctuary Part 3
24. They Dont' Even Know It!
25. When God Wipes Away The Tears

Pkg #2 

1. Are You Glad To Be In The Service?
2. God Got This!!!
3. God Will Answer Prayer 
4. I know It Was The Blood
5. It's Just A Matter Of Time
6. Lord Help The Children 
7. More Than Enough
8. Now That Doesn't Make Any Sense
9. Ready Or Not Here I come
10. Setting The Record Straight
11. Show MeThe Money
12. So Much To Be Thankful For
13. Something To Shout About
14. Take Your Pick
15. The Arithmetic Of The Cross
16. The Essentials Of The Resurrection
17. The Family Feud
18. The Gosple According To Noah's Ark
19. The Importance Of Togetherness
20.The Sick List
21. The Worth Of A Pastor 
22. There's None Like Him
23. What Happened On Black Friday
24. What's So Special About This Baby?
25. You Can't Beat God Giving

Pkg #3

1. A Preacher In A Basket
2. Ain't No Party Like A Holy Ghost Party
3. Can You Spare A Dime? 
4. Get Rid Of It!!! 
5. Go Take A Bath
6. Hell's Best Kept Secret
7. I Prayed About It
8. If Stone Could Talk
9. I'm Not Finished Yet
10. I’m Ready Now
11. Jesus Is In The House
12. Let’s Talk About Heaven
13. May I Have A Refill? 
14. My Jesus Showed Up
15. Please Pass Me Those Peas
16. Something Worth Fighting For
17. Straight Out Of Nazareth
18. The Funds Are Available
19. The Lord's Supper Exam
20. There's Something Special About This Woman
21. Watch God Do It 
22. We Have Ants In The Church
23. What Do The Lonely Do At Christmas? 
24. Who's Team Are You On? 
25. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Pkg #4

1. A Two Piece Dinner
2. Come Out With Your Hands Up
3. God's Christmas Gift 
4. God's Power, Purpose, and Plan
5. I Ain't Scared Of You
6. I Come To Do Battle
7. If It Ain't One Thing, It's Another
8. It's Bad Credit Forgiveness Day
9. It's Getting Hot In Here
10. I've Got To Pay Him Back
11. Jesus Is Coming To Town
12. Keep Your Cool, In A Hot Situation
13. Let Go and Let God
14. Let's Go Fishing In The Church Pond
15. Somebody Go Get Bubba!
16. Stir Up The Gift 
17. Stop All Of That Complaining
18. The Best Is Yet To Come
19. The Best Seat In The House
20. The Hand Writing Is On The Wall
21. The Hands Of Jesus 
22. Trick or Treat
23. Vote Jesus Christ for President 
24. We Shall Overcome
25. What's Love Got To Do With It?

Pkg #5

1. I Got the Pastor’s Back
2. God’s Facebook Page
3. Let Jesus Have It
4. The Price Is Right
5. What Was In the Cup? 
6. Are We There Yet? 
7. Is the Lord among Us or Not?                     
8. What Happened To The Noise?  
9. A Mother’s Tears
10. Walk With Me Lord
11. The Atoning Blood of Jesus
12. She’s Cheating On Me
13. Can These Bones Live? 
14. The Pastor’s Love Day
15. He Did It for Us
16. Stop Playing Church
17. More Than Enough
18. Get Right Church and Let’s Go Home
19. Can I Have This Dance? 
20. They Gathered At the Cross
21. Discovering Our Assigned Roles
22. Being Sure In a Strange World
22. You Are Not the Father
23. Top Priority of Authentic Worship
24. What's So Special About This Baby?
25. God’s Super Bowl Game

Pkg #6                                        $40.00

1. God’s Alarm Clock
2. A Number Heaven Couldn’t Count
3. Stay on the Wall
4. My Mission Is Accomplished
5. The Sweetest Name I Know
6. It’s not all about us; it’s about Him
7. He Saw the Best in Me
8. Get Your Mind Right
9. No Weapons Shall Prosper
10. I’m Black and I’m Proud
11. Get Your Shine On
12. There’s No Place Like Home
13. It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye
14. Forgive Your Judas’
15. It’s Time to Cross Over
16. The Power of a Prayer Meeting
17. Let Go and Let God
18. Get Up It’s Over
19. Check Yourself; Before You Wreck Yourself 
20. The Resurrected Redeemer
21. I May be Down; but I’m Not Out
22. The Man Who Carried Jesus’ Cross
23. I Need You to Survive
24. A Great Tsunami is on the Way
25. Encourage Yourself

Pkg #7                                        $40.00

1. A Faithful Watchman
2. Don't Drop Out of Church
3. Don't Let The Devil Ride
4. Drop The Charges
5. God Is Trying to Tell Us Something
6. Help Wanted
7. I Don't Look Like What I've Been Through
8. In Spite of It All
9. Living On A Fixed Income
10. Mary's Christmas Carols
11. Thank God It's Sunday Morning
12. The Blame Game
13. The Fundamentals of True Worship
14. The Patriot Verses The Giants
15. We Have a Right to Testify
16. Will You Be Found Faithful
17. Defending The Resurrection
18. If Loving You Is Wrong; I Don't Wanna Be Right
19. Move Out Of My Way
20. Nightmare At Pilate House
21. Our Purpose With People
22. Please Do Me A Favor
23. That's All It Takes
24. That's My Child
25. You Couldn't Do It By Yourself

Pkg #8                                                 $40.00

1. A Change Of Heart
2. A Minor Setback For A Major Comeback
3. A Year I'll Never Forget
4. Beware Of The Roaring Lion
5. Defeating A Grasshopper’s Mentality
6. God Will Turn It Around
7. GPS—God's Positioning System
8. It’s Only A Test
9. Participate In Your Own Blessing
10. Put Some Salt In It
11. Setting the Record Straight
12. Something Is Bound To Happen When You Pray
13. Something To Sing About
14. That Sounds Like My Mother
15. The Blood Still Works
16. The Church Anniversary
17. The Day of the Great Awakening
18. The Passion Of Christ
19. What A Friend We Have In Jesus
20. Whatever You Need God Got It
21. Who Let The Devil In My House
22. Will The Real Christians Stand Up
23. You Can Walk On Water
24. You Can't Fool God
25. You Thought I'd Be Dead By Now

​Pkg #9                               $40.00

​1. A Picture Of Calvary
2. Assistant Living But No Retirement
3. Born To Die
4. Don't Be A Fool
5. Don't Take The Devil's Bait
6. Get On Your Knees
7. God's Roadside Service Plan
8. I Found Love On A Two Way Street
9. Is There A Fire In Your Bones
​10. It's Not Everybody's Fault
11. I've Moved Up Stairs
12. Praise Is What I Do
13. Prayer Changes Things
14. Shake The Haters Off
15. Stay With The Ship
16. Super Bowl Sunday
17. Thank God For The Word
18. The Devils Clickbait
19. The Greatest Sunday In History
20. The Lord Is My Shepherd
21. The Nails Of The Cross
22. The Night The Rooster Crowed
23. The Secret to Facing Your Giants
24. The Sermon From The Candy Cane
25. You'd Better Watch Your Mouth

​Pgk #10                                 $40.00

​1. A Charge To Keep I Have
2. Drop Your Rocks
3. Elijah Your Ride Is Coming
4. Follow The Leader Part 1
5. Follow The Leader Part 2
6. Follow The Leader Part 3
7. Go Home and Stay 
8. God's Valentine's Gift
9. Have A Great Sunday  
10. He Has Risen 
11. He's Back By Popular Demand 
12. How Deep Are Your Roots 
13. I Don't Feel No Ways Tired 
14. I'm Tired But I Refuse To Quit 
15. It's Friday But Sunday Is Coming
16. It's Time To Get Lit
17. It's Time To Wake Up 
18. Looking In Two Directions 
19. So What's Next
20. The Cure For Unnecessary Drama
21. The Devil's Playbook
22. The Lord Is My Shepard 
23. The Night The Jailhouse Rocked 
24. There's No Shame In My Game 
25. This Battle Is The Lord's